Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doctor Google

Let me begin by saying that everything is fine.

I attended my baseline scan for the upcoming donor cycle yesterday. My lining looks excellent and I should expect my period to begin tomorrow. My right ovary was deigned beautiful and ready to rock. The surprise came with my left ovary, which showed an oversize follicle when compared with my current cycle day. The measurements were 7mm x 12mm, which put it small enough not to be a problem for the cycle but large enough to wonder what was up. It was then when my nurse used a scary word, cyst, and said that they would call me with my estrogen levels to confirm the status.

The first piece of good news was this: I did not find any reports about repeated egg donations causing ovarian cysts, malignant or otherwise.

The second piece of good news came late afternoon when I received a call from my clinic, stating that my estrogen is at 47.6. This tells us that this is not an estrogen producing cyst and is most likely a lazy follicle that has not finished returning to its normal size following my latest donation. We are still a go to start stims on Saturday and will schedule additional ultrasounds following retrieval to make sure my follicles return to normal.

So, really, good news and nothing serious to worry about.

Other things have failed to return to normal lately, namely my weight and my menstrual cycle. My weight creeps up by a pound or five during a cycle and seems to hold on to one or two each time. I am currently up 10 pounds from my first donation. Boooo! My menstrual cycles are lengthening as well, stretching out from my usual five weeks to seven weeks. Although my total eggs retrieved each cycle continues to be in the 20’s, my body is definitely slowing down.
So, there you go. Here’s our lineup this cycle:

First BCP: 11/15/11
Last BCP: 11/29/11
Begin Stims: 12/3/11
Dosage: Evenings only, 150 IU Follistim with 1 Vial Menopur
Add prefilled Ganirelix around 12/7/11.
Estimated Retrieval: 12/14/11

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