Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi Initiative 26, Personhood Bill

Keiko wrote about it last week. The polls opened this morning. Here is what people are saying:

"... if a woman goes to the ER for a spontaneous miscarriage, theoretically the attending physician should call the police. If she already had other children, social services should be called. Because under MS 26, this woman just committed manslaughter."

“As the nation’s leading organization of women’s health physicians, dedicated to all aspects of women’s health, ACOG supports quality health care appropriate to every woman’s needs throughout her life, including the full spectrum of clinical and reproductive services. Mississippi’s “Personhood Amendment,” Proposition 26, does not respect the autonomy of women and jeopardizes women’s health.

“The only treatment for this deadly medical condition (ectopic pregnancy) is to sacrifice the embryo by removing it (and often the tube) or by causing the embryo’s demise and reabsorption by the body by administering a cytotoxin. Remember that the ectopically growing embryo is doomed regardless of whether its mother lives or dies but if this embryo is legally a person, current treatments to save the mother would be legally defined as murder, not medicine, and the mother would be doomed to die as well.

“A woman who is pregnant who develops a life-threatening condition because of the pregnancy will not be permitted to terminate; it will be committing murder.”

“On a macro level, I’m appalled because we are in 2011 and enacting this amendment takes women’s rights back to at least the 1920s and possibly further.”

“The desire to have children might label this woman and others like her a murderer if they need to use fertility treatments.  How ironic that a law that seeks to ensure embryos personhood could result in no children for infertile couples.”

Mel at Stirrup Queens managed to capture my feelings on the subject perfectly:

“…there is a huge hap between believing something and creating laws that govern other people.

Get the facts at Vote No on 26.

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