Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Grade, Emotions, Cramps

Before I get all... feelings... on you, my big girl started second grade today!

Actually, that does call for emotions. Waa! She's growing up so fast!!!


I've been super emotional the past few days. Fact: R and I stayed up to finally watch Star Trek: Into Darkness last night - I cried constantly through the last 45 minutes of the movie and wanted to go curl up in bed with Little K once it was over. *sigh* Pregnancy hormones are just awful sometimes.

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with navigating shared-custody while pregnant. Trying to plan Little K's travel to see her dad this Christmas and Spring Break have me on edge. I was planning on driving to FL the end of December to pick Little K up from Christmas Break and do a little baby shower. But we ended up canceling the shower because, hello! I moved to NC five years ago. Time to let it go.

That throws the travel plans all crazy-like. Her dad is talking about having her fly down (ALONE!) the beginning of Christmas break and, although she is old enough and excited about the idea, I'm just not comfortable with that. I could drive her down to FL at the beginning but, since the break is only 9 or 10 days this year, should I just stay and drive her home myself? But I would be away from R for Christmas. My folks won't be in town to Christmas anyway: they are going to see my sister and niece in TX. Maybe I could go with them and be there for my niece's first Christmas? That would be a ton of fun but also has me in the car for two days each way, not counting the NC-FL-NC drive. So... six days total.

I've reached out to my folks about maybe spending NYE with us this year, so perhaps they can bring her back home with them at the end of break. But what to do about getting her TO FL? GAH!!!

And then Spring Break: her break begins on March 8th. My new due date is March 7th. AUGH!!!!! I can't even start with that one right now...


After the cryfest that was Stat Trek last night, I tried to curl up and go to sleep only to be kept up by some really weird pains/cramps in my lower abdomen. They were only in one place: below and to the right of my belly button. I've felt these off and on for a week or two but they were coming every few minutes last night. Of course, I was worried about miscarriage, etc. NO FUN at close to midnight. But I remembered some of my reading and got up, used the bathroom (no spotting, thank you Lord), drank a big glass of water, and laid down with my feet up. Eventually they stopped and I was able to fall asleep.

I've felt a couple more as I've been typing this, so I'm going to drink another glass of water, lie down, and call the midwife. Prayers, please!