Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Weeks

These posts focus specifically on this pregnancy. If you’re not in a good place, please feel free to pass over. Take care of you!
I wish I had more to report over here. The one exciting item is that Little K gets home one week from today!!! I’ve missed her so much this summer and can’t wait to have her home.

I’m slightly concerned about the birth center right now. I’ve left two messages with them this week, asking that they call me to confirm receipt of my records and set up my first appointment. I haven’t received a call back yet. I really hope the girl who handles this is on vacation and that this isn’t indicative of their communication through the rest of this pregnancy. I can put up with an awful lot but neglect to on-board a new patient? Grr! Part of me is upset and wants to react by taking my business to another facility. Then I remember that they are the only birth center in town and going somewhere else would mean delivering at a hospital. So, I left a message with the front desk this morning, asking again for someone to contact us immediately so we do not miss out on the opportunity to deliver with them. I really hope they get their act together and call me back today.

I picked up two new books this week: Siblings Without Rivalry and Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven. (I will start reading SWR this weekend to help us prepare for telling Little K about the new baby.)

I was looking for a healthy-eating guide for pregnancy: something that told me what vitamins and minerals it was important to consume during pregnancy, in what quantities, and what plant-based options were available to meet those needs. Now, I knew from my sister’s time as vegan that Skinny Bitch is a scary, shocking book. But they back up their claims via a well-document Works Cited section and I enjoy their writing style. I thought it could be a good resource.

WOW. After reading the first 100 pages of SB: Bun in the Oven, I practically went on a 24 hour fast just because everything was so disturbing and it felt like nothing was safe to eat. Sugar can kill you! Aspartame can kill you! Dairy can kill you! Caffeine can kill you! Meat can kill you! YUCK! However, after getting a day or two away from it, my appetite is coming back. (See: hotdogs for dinner last night. I'm not proud.)

Now, I’m all for vegetarianism, even veganism. I see the reason for both and think that either lifestyle requires a lot of strength and commitment. I admit that I am an omnivore: v-lifestyles just aren’t my thing. But my education through my sister and my own reading has really helped me round out my diet over the past few years. My plate is filled with 2/3 fruit or veggies. Snacks begin with either an apple or grapes. I choose complex carbs over simple carbs whenever possible. I fortify casseroles, stews, and sauced dishes with steamed cauliflower and/or zucchini in order to cut down on meat consumption.

I feel that my diet is well-rounded and doesn’t need much of an overhaul. I just wanted a guide for eating during pregnancy that wasn’t dumbed down, “eat small meals, whatever you are craving is fine, try to eat six servings of fruit and veggies a day, and drink lots of water!” What I got was “animal products will kill you and everything wrong with America can be traced to eating a non-vegan diet.” Can’t we find a happy medium here?

The one good thing from reading the book was that it helped me give up Diet Dr. Pepper. Granted, I was only having two per week but I am happy to say that I am purely a water and berry tea (sweetened with beet rock sugar) girl. Yay, me!

As for the rest:

My stomach still feels yucky in the morning, making it hard to eat. But, once I eat, I usually feel better. I have still been belching a lot and, if I’m even the littlest bit reclined when one escapes, I end up vomiting a little bit. I went through two weeks of craving red meat and caesar salads which has now turned to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (With the exception of last night, which was beef hotdogs topped with coleslaw.) The tireds have taken over my life and I’ve been taking at least one two hour nap each day.

My clothing order arrived and everything is SUPER cute. Maybe we’ll do a little fashion show… Anyone willing to join me in posting pics of your outfits next week?

Oh! And I have my house back! Although it was a good visit with the boys, I have felt my stress melting away as I wash the linens in the guest room and finish putting the space back together. I am a huge fan of routine and it feels SO good to be getting back to ours. Plus, it gives R and I the opportunity to be alone together. I’ve really missed my time with my guy! We’ve gone on a couple of dates since I got back on Sunday and it’s been wonderful. I can see and feel our connection coming back, too, which is a relief.

So, yeah. I have concerns about the birth center and my diet. Possible virtual fashion show. Little K will be home in one week. Life is slowly getting back to normal.


  1. yay for giving up ddp!! I used to have them all the time, until i gave it up in january! good for you, and I hope you hear from the birthing center soon! Oh and i read another ridiculously good book, that I highly recommend, so if you want another suggestion, email me ;)

  2. Did the communication issue with the birth center resolve itself? I hope so....