Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm going on a fashion hunt

The problem with having another child when your first is so much older is that you probably didn't keep your maternity clothes. Seriously, I saved exactly two pieces of clothing: a jack-o-lantern costume from 6 months pregnant and a black sequin top I wore to a Christmas party two weeks before Little K was born. Not exactly everyday wear.

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up some maternity clothes while I was in Florida. Specifically because the Macy's at Mall at Millenia has a great maternity section. Nothing fancy, as I work from home. But really cute and much more sophisticated that what was available when I was pregnant with Little K. My haul included two tunic/capri leggings outfits, one pair of skinny smooth panel jeans, two t-shirts, and a thin 3/4-sleeve sweater that was on sale.

Of my current wardrobe, I have two pair of jeggings that I purchased online last year that are far too big in the waist, so hopefully those will fit come colder weather. Most of my sweaters are loose and flowy. Several of my dresses are high waisted, so I'm hoping those will work for a while. And our church is casual anyway, so I can get away with jeans when the dresses give out. I do have to remind myself that I'm going on a work trip to Seattle in November, so I'll need appropriate clothes for that.

My thought is that, with a few more pieces, I'm set. I'd like to pick up 2 more t-shirts, 2 pairs of leggings, and 3 business appropriate tops.

So, my question to you ladies is where to look! I want on-trend, inexpensive pieces. Nothing with the sash going across the waist and tying in the back, you know? Has Motherhood.Maternity improved in the past eight years?  Do you know where to find Pea In The Pod style clothes at Forever21 prices? Help!


  1. Seems like all of my clothes have sashes. Oh we'll, I'm just embracing it, but I'm not too fashion-forward I guess. I'd love to shop at Pea in The Pod, but it seems too much to spend on temporary clothes. I haven't liked anything I ordered from Gap, so I'm stuck with Motherhood Maternity, supplemented by regular clothes that still fit.

    On my last post I stuck some pictures of what I've been wearing at the end. I do a lot of repeating.


    1. Ooh, your outfits are so cute! Maybe I need to revisit Motherhood Maternity after all!

    2. I forgot...I've also gotten some good maternity and non-maternity stuff from Target. I like Mossimo and Ma Cherie.

  2. I have no advice to offer, but happy shopping ;)