Friday, July 5, 2013

5 Weeks: Birth Center

These posts will be going up on Thursday/Friday of each week and will focus specifically on this pregnancy. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass it over. Take care of you!!

Well, looks like we're making the switch to weeks! As of July 4th, we are officially at 5 weeks pregnant. I know this pregnancy is still very new and fragile but we are so full of hope! I'm blessed to come from a family with no history of miscarriage and, given the spontaneity and ease of Little K's conception and birth, still have enough of a fertile mindset that I believe this pregnancy will result in a live birth. I know what a rare thing this is in the IF/Loss community and do not take these thoughts for granted. When thoughts of loss do cross my mind, I remember what I have heard so many say: enjoy every second of this pregnancy - if it ends, you will not mourn less for having celebrated less.

Because of that, we are embracing this pregnancy whole heartedly. We have been making baby purchases (even beyond the Ergo, heh). We have been planning for how to tell Little K when she gets home from FL. And we have been working on choosing a healthcare provider, even though we have not been released from our RE yet.

And you know what? We've found one! We toured the independent birth center on Wednesday evening and were surprised in many different ways.

First off, this place is NOT a spa. Upon arrival, we learned that they are a non-profit organization and it shows. The waiting room is clean but cluttered. The building is in a nice town but in only fair condition. And, to be honest, the receptionist was not very professional. Our first impressions were not the best.

But! Once the tour got started, we fell in love! The founder of the practice led the tour, which began with a 10 minute video leading into about 40 minutes of her talking about the history, P&P, stats and percentages, and FAQ of the center. She then held a 30 minute Q&A for the couples to ask questions. At no point did we feel rushed or that our questions were dismissed. She was so patient, kind, knowledgeable, and obviously passionate about what they do at the birth center. And, because we were sitting at the front of the classroom, she ended up making a lot of eye contact with us during the class. I felt very connected with her and the practice once the class was over.

We then had a 20 minute tour of the birthing rooms downstairs. Again: not a spa! But the rooms were clean and cozy, with a double bed covered in a quilt, a garden tub with massage spray just 5 feet from the bed, and a water closet with grab bars, in case you want to push while you're in there. Each room also has an "escape hatch" - a door to the outside so you can walk during labor. There are two birthing balls in each room and a rocking chair. Shared birthing tools for the three rooms include a birthing stool and a birthing chair. Their policy is to have one midwife and one nurse per laboring mother, so you're guaranteed to have their undivided attention during labor. Awesome.

There is also a small living room and kitchen near the birthing rooms and families are encouraged to bring a nice meal and birthday cake to celebrate after the birth. Aw!

We found out that this center has experience with HypnoBabies, too, which I have been very interested in. They have provided us with contact information for the woman who teaches these classes in town and we are looking forward to speaking with her.

So, there we go! Looks like we're going with the birth center. Which, may I say, is a HUGE surprise! But we're excited about it.

Ultrasound with the RE next Friday and then we'll be released to the care of the birth center. Here we go!


  1. So glad you found a birth center that you like!! Look forward to hearing about the ultrasound!

  2. Wow that is great news in finding one so early in your pregnancy. BTW, when you said hypnobabies all I think of was hypnotoad from futurama.

  3. So happy for you!! Also, you KNOW I'm glad that you're jumping on the birth-center-train. Welcome aboard!

  4. I had not heard the phrase about celebrating less/mourning less, but I think that's so true! What a good reminder. Also, I'm so glad that you have a "fertile mindset" and are believing all good things for this pregnancy. Good for you! Lastly, the birth center sounds very cool. I'd love to do something like that for the next one.