Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Preparation is Key

Three Good Things:
·         I’ve been watching the Olympics with my husband for the past four days. Go Team USA!
·         I have some delicious meals planned for this week.
·         I personally measured, cut, sanded, painted, and framed our master bedroom mirror.

Only three mirrors to go!
I have been preparing for two baby showers. One is for IF, the coworker pregnant through treatment. The other is for my sister. Crafting, organizing, planning, and buying... It’s both fun and frustrating. Pictures will be coming, just want to keep things a surprise for the party.

I had a bad night two weeks ago. I got ugly about things, which I rarely ever do. R was a trooper, though, and knew just what to say to bring some levity and understanding to the situation. I spent the next three days in a spiral - looking at baby things, talking about treatment, and designing a nursery in our dream house in FL.
Not surprisingly, I believe I was ovulating (or had very recently ovulated) that weekend. I am much more calm now and all jacked up about having a committed sewing and crafting room at the dream house.
And you know what I can say? God is good.
Because I won’t be ovulating in FL and I shouldn’t get my period in FL either. It will be right in the sweet spot when I am at my most calm. I have some crafting to complete once I arrive on Friday, the shower is the next morning, and I have a GREAT hat to wear to tea at the Grand Floridian that afternoon. Then Sunday afternoon I get to walk the dream house again and then off to the airport for Disney Store and LUSH before getting back on the plane. It should be a great trip and I have plenty of distractions in place, just in case.
Of course, I’m heavy on the 5HTP and St. John’s Wort right now. And that helps. They may not be prescription antidepressants but they make a big difference.

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