Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome to Donating Hope!

I want to say thank you and welcome to everyone who has been by this past week! Between retrieval, recovery, and Little K's diagnosis, I have not had the opportunity to respond individually to each of you. I am new to blogging and each comment means the world to me. I am so glad you are here!

As a new blogger, I have some technical questions and would appreciate your help. How exactly does one reply to a comment in blogger? And has anyone else been having issues leaving comments on other blogger/blogspot blogs?

Thank you, again, for stopping by! I hope you decide to stick around.


  1. To reply to blogger comments, you just have to post the next post, it doesn't allow you to reply directly to a comment (unless it happens to be the one above). To be able to reply to people directly, I have signed up to a different commenting system ( and added it to my blog.

    As for having issues with commenting on other blogger blogs, or even you own, do you stay permanently logged into Google? Sometimes you need to log out, once or every time/day. Try that, and if it doesn't work search the google help forums via the help link (top right) on your dashboard view.
    Let me know if those are helpful or if you have more questions. I'd be glad to help if I can.

  2. Yeah unfortunately the default commenting system on blogger doesn't let you directly reply to anyone (I like Wordpress's commenting system because it shows threads) but like JustHeather said you can install a new commenting system to do that. If you don't want to do that, some people just indicate in their posts who they are replying to like...

    @JustHeather - yadda yadda

    @Robin - blahdiblah

    BTW I can't believe you're gearing up for another donation! I am so scared of doing the very thing you're doing - not the donating part, but the whole egg harvesting thing. For me it's the scariest part of IVF and I am hoping we don't have to get to the point of doing IVF mostly for that reason (the other reason is the cost, yikes).

  3. Thank you both for educating a new blogger. :-)

    @Robin: I want to let you know that retrieval isn't that bad. Once the IV is in and the anesthesia kicks in, it's a breeze. The worst part is that I have a swollen and tender abdomen for about 7 days after. Let me know if you have any questions about the retrieval/recovery experience!

  4. Thanks for stopping by...I am sorry your little one is sick also. I have been keeping up with your blog on my google reader but don't always have time to comment.

    I think it is wonderful thing that you are doing by donating your eggs. I know my little man wouldn't exsist if it wasn't for people like you.