Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The More You Know

There are times when it makes me laugh and others when it makes me shake my head. At this stage of the game, I know:

How to do my injections in less than 4 minutes.
To set multiple alarms and reminders on my phone for appointments and shots.
To request the large Sharps container over the small one and keep it through multiple cycles.
To drink a full bottle of water during my drive to the clinic and to finish it 10 minutes before my scan.
Which phlebotomist to request in the lab.
To bring a sweater or wrap to the clinic for the waiting room.
To keep my phone handy when I’m in the stirrups, just in case I have to wait.
To wear a liner everyday during a cycle.
How to estimate my retrieval date based on my CD8 scan.

Apparently the one thing I don’t know how to do is insist that I receive my Ganirelix syringes on CD8, even if the doctor doesn’t think I will need them until my next appointment. I now have to make another trip downtown before Thursday night. *sigh*

Cycle Day: 8
Estrogen: 601
Dosage: 150 Follistim, 1 vial Menopur, add Ganirelix pre-filled syringe CD9.
Estimate retrieval date: CD15
Baby Crazy (1=least, 10=most): 3*

*I did experience a split-second hope of seeing a yolksac during this morning’s ultrasound. Uterus’ contents = none.

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