Friday, December 30, 2011

And a good cup of coffee.

Last night was date night, our last night before the kids come home from winter break. We headed over to Lafayette Village for dinner and gelato.

Before travelling back home, we stopped in Jubala for what turned out to be the best cup of coffee to ever pass my lips. As we saddled up to the bar, we learned that our barista is a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We stayed for an hour, talking with A about his time at SEBTS, his love of coffee and reading, and his hometown, and I was reminded of my time involved with a church service called "The Vista."

Although the website is no longer operational, my time serving at The Vista was very rewarding and laid the groundwork in my expectations for cohesive worship experiences. Our main attendees were the Disney interns, a group of college students from around the world who gathered in Orlando to work for a semester. They were young, broke, and far from home. To them, The Vista provided a free home cooked meal and a safe place to explore their faith.

I woke up this morning with our conversation with A on my mind. As I drove to work, I kept replaying the evening and A's comments about missing home. Eventually my thoughts began to take shape and centered around fellowship. R and I have decided to head back to Jubala to connect with A again. We are hoping to invite A and his girlfriend over for dinner to discuss the idea of having them and a small group of their friends over for dinner at our home once a month.

We are hoping that this will provide them with a taste of home (and if it just so happens to model young adult Christian behavior to our children, all the better!).

Please be praying for us as we explore this idea. It could be very exciting!

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  1. That sounds fantastic! I hope you are able to reconnect with him and that the once-a-month dinners start up soon.