Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sickness

After three weeks of coughing and a low-grade fever on Friday, a doctor diagnosed Little K with walking pneumonia and reactive airway disease this morning. After a quick nebulizer treatment, we were prescribed some high impact antibiotics and an inhaler with a face mask and spacer. Headed back to the doctor in the morning to check for improvements and clearance for holiday travel.

All of this while I'm continuing to recover from retrieval. I am very grateful to have avoided the intense swelling I experienced last time, although buttoning my pants is still uncomfortable. Hooray for the bella band! Still constipated (BOOOOO!!!) and very, very tender. I have also been exhausted, sleeping late all weekend and grabbing a nap this afternoon. *yawn*

Prayers for continued healing and travel safety are appreciated. I will hope to update once we're back from the doctor tomorrow!


  1. Poor Little K! Pneumonia is miserable. I'm glad she's finally receiving treatment.

    I hear you about the recovery after retrieval. Never thought it would take so long!

    Wishing you both a speedy recovery and safe travels.

  2. Hope you continue to feel better! I think you are so amazing for donating eggs. I'm currently pregnant, but egg donation was our next step had this round of IVF not worked and I am so grateful to women like you who make other's dreams possible!

  3. I agree with Kristen :) I think donating eggs is incredible. I've always told my husband that I want to donate eggs, but we didn't think that it'd be doing something as crazy as IVF for myself!

    Wishing you an easy road to recovery!

    <3Kayla (here from ICLW)

  4. Welcome, everyone! I very much appreciate your support and comments. Thank you SO much! I hope you decide to stick around. :-) Happy IComLeavWe!!