Friday, December 20, 2013

Preggo Update: 29 Weeks

As always, this is a post about pregnancy. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass. Take care of you!

WHOA. I can't believe we're only eleven weeks away from D-day! And, considering Little K was a week early, maybe only ten weeks! Eek!

As you may have noticed from Wednesday's pictures, a theme for Aaron's nursery has developed. Originally it was going to be owls but it looks like we're going woodland up in here! I just love all of the fabrics and accents coming into his room. I've even found a woodland rug for him! I'm still looking for a piece of artwork for above the dresser though. If you find a woodsy-ish 24" square print or painting, please let me know!

This little man has been getting HUGE. I seriously don't remember being this big so early with Little K. He was doing some incredible gymnastics last Friday night, to the point where one side of my stomach would collapse because he was all bunched up on the other side. Crazy kid! He also got the hiccups for the first time this past Monday night. Aww! R and I spend time each night feeling my belly and trying to figure out which body part is which. Elbows and his tush are making a big appearance these days.

My appetite has finally gotten back to normal. After Thanksgiving, I just wasn't hungry for several days. I'm feeling pretty good about my diet and weight, though. I have a Greek yogurt first thing in the morning, possibly a bowl of cereal after our walk. Lunch is around 11am and consists of two eggs, two pieces of whole grain toast, and three clementines. I have an apple and string cheese and some Christmas cookies for a snack. Dinner is chicken, a small serving of whole grains, and some veggies. I try to have a bowl of cereal rather than a regular dessert most nights. Lots of water all day. I can feel Aaron move around all the time, so he's obviously getting what he needs. I'm trying to really listen to my body, eat when I'm hungry, and make good choices.

Sleep is going okay. My hips are SO SORE these days, so I wake up with plenty of aches and pains. But I'm only waking once per night to urinate, so that's a huge blessing. My body pillow is an absolute must. My insomnia has pretty much disappeared, thank goodness.

Speaking of things that have disappeared, my belly button is MIA. I have the teeniest little dent where my belly button used to be. The rest of my abdomen is on notice because I absolutely refuse to get stretchmarks. We are talking TONS of CeraVe lotion over here.

My tush still gets super sore if I sit for too long or on a surface that is too firm. The top of my belly pulls and aches by the end of the day. I get out of breath when I bend over to put on shoes; I've given up heeled shoes completely. My feet ache if I stand for too long without shoes on. My nose bleeds every morning. I can't see my bikini area to shave for the pool. I've peed myself twice this past week. But I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderfully uneventful pregnancy!


  1. Happy 29 weeks girl! Just 11 to go! How exciting :) So glad it has been uneventful. Your last paragraph cracks me up!!!!

  2. Your nose bleeds every morning??!! That would scare me to death!!! So glad for your uneventful pregnancy!

  3. Hoping the nose bleeds soon go away.

  4. I have also had nose bleeds and I can't see my bikini area at all! And I am only 15+ weeks! I am going to lose my whole lower body soon! Lol! Congrats and so glad things are going smoothly!