Tuesday, December 3, 2013

26.5 Weeks

This is a pregnancy post. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass. Take care of you!

Wow! It feels like it's been a while since I've done one of these posts. I guess the good news is that nothing dramatic or news worthy has been going on. Let's see what's been up over here...

Baby: Aaron is such a little mover! He is rolling, kicking, and punching all day and night. My folks were in town last week and my mom had the opportunity to feel Aaron moving again. We think we were able to locate his little bottom on my right side while he was kicking. Two mornings in a row, R and I were cuddling and R could feel Aaron's kicks while my belly was pressed against his side.

Belly: Speaking of the belly - oh my goodness, the belly is HUGE! I'm seriously wondering how much longer my size Medium maternity shirts will fit. Eek! My belly button is even more shallow and isn't quite round anymore. I was able to avoid it popping with Little K but I think it will be a different story this time. Praying that I escape without stretchmarks again...

Boobs: This one is pretty cool. Beside the fact that my breasts are ENORMOUS now, I started leaking colostrum! I am SO excited about this and am feeling super optimistic about breastfeeding. My biggest struggle with Little K was how long it took my milk to come in. I think we won't have that problem this time! WOOO!

Bottom: My poor, poor tailbone. I actually had to leave BSF early last week because I just couldn't sit down anymore. I purchased a yoga ball/birth ball on Tuesday and have begun sitting on that as much as possible. So glad to say it's helping! My tailbone has been fine the past three days so I'm hoping we found the fix. I don't want to have to bring an inflatable donut to BSF!

Birth: I am in the second week of Week 2 in Hypnobabies. I really slacked the week of Thanksgiving and have a lot of practice to put in before I move on to Week 3 on Sunday. I'm very thankful that Week 2 is mostly about nutrition and prenatal exercises, which leads very well into the next bullet. I will review Week 2 in full this Friday.

Blah: My weight. I mean, whatever right? You're bound to gain weight in pregnancy. I've been totally slacking on making salads or anything. However, based on my Hypnobabies reading, I have made some changes that I feel are very positive. I'm back to having a Greek yogurt early in the morning for a nice protein punch. I'm eating two eggs, cooked in EVOO spray rather than in butter, every day for more protein and to strengthen my amniotic sack. I'm having three clementines and one apple each day for snacks. I made a point of serving myself small portions on Thanksgiving and throughout the week. Whatever. I have a midwife appointment on Friday morning and refuse to feel bad about enjoying food during my pregnancy. So there.


  1. I loved reading your updates :) I can't believe how healthy you eat! I totally hoping that when I get prego that I will eat as healthy as you :)

  2. Sounds like you are eating so healthy, good for you! It's not easy that's for sure. It must be so neat to have the colostrum coming in, My friend is about as far along as you and she said the same thing has been happening to her.

  3. You shouldn't feel guilty about food! Your body needs the food! And your weight gain will go up and down, it doesn't happen steadily. Keep making good choices, but don't dress over it. Also, sorry about the tailbone.i remember that...ouch!

  4. I think you are doing wonderful in your eating!