Friday, December 6, 2013

HypnoBabies Delayed: Updated

I know I owe you the review of HypnoBabies: Week 2. I know. But I have a midwife appt this morning and the gestational diabetes test, which apparently has taken up all of my brain space the past couple of days. I will update with the results from this morning when I get back and will work on HB over the weekend, deal?

Stay tuned for updates!


I'm so happy to say that this morning's appointment went well! I didn't realize just how upset I've been about the focus on weight with this practice until I stepped on the scale and saw that it had barely increased from last time. Today was the first time in my care that I haven't received a little talk about weight gain. YAY!

That being said, we did talk about nutrition. I brought my HypnoBabies workbook to today's appointment, opened up to the nutrition section. I was ready to defend my weight gain and tell these women to step off. Instead, we had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the program in the HB book (Dr. Brewers). It ended up being a good discussion and felt heard and encouraged.

Now, even though the scale barely moved (only up 1.6 pounds, 20 pounds total) doesn't mean Aaron hasn't grown. My last appointment was at 23 weeks, at which my uterus measured 22. Today marks 27 weeks and my uterus measured 30!! I was initially concerned about this, but the midwife pointed out that there's a big growth spurt at the beginning of the third trimester plus his position will effect measurements. She said that she will get concerned if I measure consistently behind or above.

So, I know that this is all supposed to be about today's blood work. The lemon-lime glucose drink went down fine and the blood draw was pretty painless. Results come in 24-48 hours so, with the weekend, I will hear on Monday. Given my weight gain, I'm not terribly concerned. But measuring ahead can be a marker, so we'll just see.

The phlebotomist checked my hemoglobin level while I was there, which came back normal. Yay, no need for iron supplements!

I guess the short version is that everything was fine. I'll get a call on Monday with the GD results, although I will probably only hear from them if the results are abnormal. I got celebratory Sonic on my way home and ate without guilt. Rock on.


  1. Hope your appts go great girl!!!

  2. Hey that is good news! I'm trying to not gain as I'm fat to begin with.