Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today's The Day: 2013 Creme de la Creme Submissions

Hooray! I really want to encourage everyone to submit a post for the 2013 Creme de la Creme. If you have any questions, Mel has a whole description and FAQ up at her site. The list is incredible (you can see the past two years on the sidebar here). Having ALI (adoption-loss-infertility) bloggers choose their own Best Post for the year is a very powerful thing!

Consider this: What was your best moment of 2013? Your hardest? Where/when did you see God move in a mighty way this past year? How has the Lord challenged you to trust Him with your journey to parenthood? What message of hope has the Lord placed on your heart?

As Mel puts it:

There is no such thing as a boring blog. Even if you don’t think you have any readers because you’ve never received a comment, you have a best post. The one that you felt really good about when you hit publish. The one that would be the post you’d put forward if an editor called you tomorrow and said, “I have this great writing job for you that will pay a million dollars an hour. You just need to submit one blog entry to get this job so we can check your writing style.”

Just a note that, since it is an ALI list, your post should relate in some way back to your journey to parenthood.

I really hope that you submit a post for this year's list. Submissions will be received through December 15th. The list goes live on January 1st.

See you there!!

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  1. I submitted mine this morning! Can't wait to see what everyone picks!!