Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Things

This post is about pregnancy and loss, which may be triggering for some. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass.

The little things have been touching my heart recently. Aaron's little pokes and rolls as we wake up in the morning. Picking up two stuffed animals for him over the weekend. Little K kissing my belly to be close to her brother. Ordering the first of Aaron's baby clothes. Buying the first box of diapers.

We visited Hillridge Farm this past weekend and I remembered being there last year, jealous of all of the baby bumps I saw. And now, there I was with a bump of my own. Last year it was a distant hope and recurring prayer that R and I would agree on whether to pursue treatment. This year, I was walking around 19 weeks pregnant. I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for how the Lord has worked in our lives over the past 12 months.

Members of our community have suffered loss in the past few weeks. Two of these women were just a few weeks further along in their pregnancies than I am now. Your heart breaks as you read their stories. You wonder 'why them' and 'will that be me'?

So I sit down and try to find the words to pray. Peace and comfort for hurting families and broken women. I rub my belly and ask the Lord for His continued protection over this pregnancy. And I remain thankful for every little thing that Aaron has already brought into our lives.

Prayers for the recent losses for Conceptionally Challenged and Lucky as Sunshine. Continued prayers for Vapor and Mist.


  1. so thankful you can rejoice in all the little things! can't believe you are 19 weeks already :) Sorry to hear about your friends losses - I'm praying for each one of those girls

  2. Sorry about your friends but I'm so glad that your pregnancy is doing well.

  3. Ugh. My heart goes out to these other families. It just makes me feel so devastated to see what they are going through.

    But I am happy you are where you are and you should be able to take joy in that. Btw, 19 weeks? When did that happen??