Saturday, October 5, 2013


So, it feel weird to talk about something political on my blog. But it's been on my mind the past week. Here we go.

We buy our own health insurance. R's corporate office is in Atlanta and the health coverage is terrible. SUPER expensive and every doctor in NC is out-of-network because we are out of state for the plan. Really terrible.

The company I work for is under 10 employees and does not offer health coverage. Although I did receive a weird email from them last week regarding an allotment/bucket for employee coverage, but not dependent, and no follow up information. I responded asking for more information.

So, anyway. We buy our own health insurance. I pay for it  monthly and, with dental coverage, it comes up to $500/month. It's a little more than I was paying when I had an employer sponsored plan but much better coverage.

I received a letter from our provider last week explaining how the plans will be changing to be compliant with the ACA. Now, I want to make sure this doesn't turn into a debate or war zone, k? This isn't about the ACA.

This is about how darn expensive health insurance continues to be.

Our hope was that the ACA would make health insurance less expensive for our family. At the least, keep the equivalent of our current coverage at the same price, maybe a little less. Hopefully better coverage at the same price.


Our current plan will no longer exist in 2014. Our equivalent plan has slightly WORSE coverage and has almost DOUBLED in price from $350/month to $675 a month. NOT including dental. This brings our monthly health insurance payment to almost $850/month before we ever step foot in a doctor's office.

I can't believe it. Do I think that everyone should have health insurance? Yes, I do for a number of reasons I don't want to go into here.

Do I think that, as a family who has had continuous self-pay health coverage with the same company for the past year that my rate should go up as a result of the ACA? Honestly?

No. I don't.

It was my understanding that my self-pay coverage would become LESS expensive. Not more expensive.

Our estimated premium in 2014 is 1/3 of my monthly net income. That is before I pay for my car, our family groceries, gas, student loans, tithe, misc. debts, and trying to build a savings account. The premium doesn't include the child I'm carrying, which is estimated to raise our premium by another $150/month. Let's be clear: Once the baby is born, our health and dental will be $1000/month. Almost HALF of my net pay.

I've been trying to access the gov't website in the hopes of finding a less expensive plan but it continues to be unavailable.

I'm not a happy camper right now. Feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

Trying to remind myself that, as with all things, God is in control. He knew that our coverage would become more expensive and He will provide for us.


  1. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

  2. I'm not sure I'm following your situation. Is the healthcare going up through ACA? Does NC allow subsidies or are they ones of the states that didn't? We don't currently pay for health insurance because my husband is in the military but next December he will be getting out so I've been following the ACA very closely. In the 2 states we plan to live in, WA and CT, they allow subsidies. For a family of 3 making $35K a year we would only have to pay about $1,870 per year for healthcare. The remaining $6,800 or so would be covered through subsidies. I know someone in Florida, a state that provides no subsidies, that would have to pay 50% of her income for healthcare. I think the ACA can be very affordable but I think it all hinges on what state you live in, which isn't really a fair way to do it

  3. Ugh....that suuuuuuucks. :( I'm sorry, girl. Ours is expensive, too, but yours definitely takes the prize here. UGH!