Saturday, June 8, 2013

CD10, Happy Etsy Day: Swim!

I'm spending the weekend out by the pool in Florida. Not a bad way to pass the last few days before a follie scan!

Navy Girl high waist swim suit

High waisted polka dot

Blue Dots Stretch Soft Swimsuit

Vintage Gideon Oberson

cover up

Pink Seersucker Ruffle Kids Swimsuit

With Monogram!

vintage 1960s swim hat

Swimmable Mermaid Tails for Adults

And Children!

Ariel Little Swimmers Basket

Swim Sling

mermaid wet bag 

Coastal Parasol Bow


The Wild Card, just because I love it!

Russian Nest Doll Bow!


  1. I love your Etsy collages. I can't wait until you're doing a nursery one for yourself. The SwimSling is cute. You can get that cover up on Victoria's Secret as well, in different colors and (I think) different lengths.

  2. A swim sling! How cool is that!