Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sorry that I don't have a catchy title today.
Three good things:
·         Mountain vacation in two days
·         My mom is coming to visit
·         The skin lesion continues to NOT be cancer
The official diagnosis is Vin2. Super cool CO2 laser surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27th. My mom is flying in on Tuesday, June 26th.
A fourth good thing:
·         I get to be unconscious for surgery.
While I’m under, my doctor will do a thorough search for other lesions, biopsy any suspicious areas, receive the results, and perform any further ablation during the same surgery.
A fifth, sixth, and seventh good thing:
·         This should be a one and done surgery.
·         The HPV culture was negative.
·         The information the doctor shared has convinced my husband to stop smoking. Day one is scheduled for Friday of this week.
I will have a post-op follow up one week later and will be examined every six months to make sure nothing new develops. I will also be visiting a dermatologist this summer and, unless she finds something, will return annually for examination.
God continues to be so good.
Prayers for peace, strength, wisdom, and healing are appreciated.
A great reminder came from my Bible study leader yesterday: God knew. God knew that this lesion would come up and He provided a way for my doctor to find it. The same way, God knew this surgery would be required and He will provide the finances to cover it. (I hope we see this soon!)
How has God provided for you this week?

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