Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Words: Vaginal Biopsy

Three Good Things:
·         Planning on a trip to the mountains with my bestie this coming weekend!
·         The kids are officially gone for the summer – LOTS of alone time with R!
·         Biopsy results are in and it’s not melanoma!
However, the biopsy results did come back abnormal with a high grade look which now classifies the darkening as a pre-cancerous area. I am not clear if this is related to the abnormal cells from my pap smear three weeks ago. My doctor personally called a gynecological oncologist to take my case and my first appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 PM.
So, a fourth good thing is:
·         The specialist is seeing me within 26 hours of receiving the biopsy results.
Which is pretty darn impressive.
I’m pretty peaceful about the whole thing. The phrase “pre-cancerous cells” doesn’t scare me because my father had several pre-cancerous cells removed from his back within the past few years. My doctor, bless her heart, was very concerned about how I was taking the news and repeated several times that it’s not melanoma and is highly treatable/curable.
It is such a God thing how we found the darkening. When the abnormal cells from the pap came in, the doctor wanted to wait it out for a year. When I mentioned the bump (which was later diagnosed as a something-something-totally-normal cyst), the two combined won me a follow up appointment. When attempting to find the bump (which turned out to be a blah-blah-blah cyst which resolved on its own), my doctor saw the darkening. She waffled for a good five minutes trying to decide whether or not to biopsy the area, eventually landing on “rather safe than sorry.” If any one of those things had not occurred, we would just be letting this area grow… eventually, into cancer.
There are no coincidences.
God is so good.
So, now we wait to see and hear from the specialist tomorrow. Prayers for peace (for our family) and for wisdom (for the doctors) are appreciated.
How have you seen God’s hand at work in your life today?

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