Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Mom always picked us up from school. There was a rule when you got in the car: Talk about three good things from your day before you talk about the bad things. It was a great practice and one I’m trying to pass on to Little K. I occasionally use it with adults, too. You would be surprised at how talking about the good before the bad can really brighten your day!
Three good things:
My thyroid blood test results came back normal! TSH 1.100, Glucose 80, Lipid 152, Tri 49, HDL 65, LDL 77. These are all awesome numbers!
HPV swab came in negative. Woo!
The trip to Florida was a blast!
Really, these are all great things. I am excited about all of them and very relieved.
A bad thing:
Atypical cells from my pap. Biopsy yesterday afternoon on a very sensitive spot.
The good news about this is that, whatever it is, we found it early. My doctor was debating whether or not to biopsy the area but decided to go for it in the end. Results early next week. If it is something we need to deal with, treatment will be going on while the kids are away.
The other good news is that I’m not nearly as sore today as I anticipated. Yay!
So, there you go. Prayers are appreciated. Hopefully it’s nothing.
Tell me three good things about your day!

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  1. Excellent reminder today. Here goes:

    1. Got a good night's sleep.
    2. We have a clean house. Yea for housekeepers!
    3. Bro-in-law's hearing aids were recalibrated and he can hear better now.
    4. Found my undergrad school files and am completing an assignment due in six weeks!
    5. Feeling better from my cold.
    6. Love my husband, and he is feeling productive.
    7. It's a beautiful day.
    8. God is alive and well.

    I'm sure I could add others, but it's nice to purposefully focus on things to be grateful for. Thanks!