Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cats and Bags

aka Announcement but not mine.

We've been given the all-clear to announce that my awesome sister, Becoming Brina, is pregnant. You can follow her journey at Becoming Mama.

When presented with unavoidable hard situations, I go to the facts. Either gaining or sharing information, asking questions, clarifying... Basically putting the emotions into a box until I feel prepared to deal with them. It's been about three weeks since she found out about the pregnancy; the baby is measuring 7w1d today. I have spent the past two weeks swallowing statistics about losses, trying not to freak her out. I am so releived that they saw a heartbeat today!

(Of course, anyone who has had contact with the ALI community knows that a heartbeat doesn't mean it's a sure thing. Prayers are so appreciated at this point.)

I'm doing much better than I anticipated. I feel like I'm past the "happy for her, sad for me" stage and plan to start unpacking the emotions box soon.

Little K and I are heading to Florida tomorrow afternoon and have SO much to get accomplished before bed tonight. I plan to catch up early next week, including:

A Photo Dump
Kindergarten Graduation
Being an Alternate Bridesmaid
Dspence is running and cooking?!
and (hopefully) Thyroid Results

In the mean time:

What are/were your fears about pregnancy or parenthood? How did you/are you planning to address those fears?

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