Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother Daughter (and Granddaughter) Tea

I’ve tried explaining to Little K that it’s called a Mother Daughter Tea, since Mom (Nonna) and I are the mothers and Little K and I are the daughters, but she just doesn’t get it. *sigh* Six year olds…
I can’t quite remember how it happened, this tradition of having tea together. My first memory of tea with my Mom is actually from 1999. She and I traveled to Switzerland as part of a singing group and stayed for an additional two weeks traveling around Europe. Our last stop was London, where she and I had tea at a little shop and at Harrods. Since then we have done tea during the Christmas season and for special occasions, like bridal and baby showers. We hosted some tables for a handful of Mother Daughter Teas at church. Brina and I took Mom to the Grand Floridian Tea Room for Mother’s Day when Little K was six months old, big hats and all. Brina and Mom even managed to have tea twice at the Royal Hawaiian.

It isn’t something that we can do regularly, now that Brina and I live out of state, but we still enjoy it when we can.
Although there is a great tea within a one hour drive, this one will be held at my home. We will be sending the boys to the movies and setting out the pretties as only girls can. I have a coffee service for my china rather than a tea service but it is the china I received from Mom, who received it from her Grandmother, so we will use it anyway. Each of us is making a little something special to bring to the table:
·         Little K: I-Heart-Mom Cookies
·         Mom: Individual Baked Brie with Apricots
·         Dspence: Mini Raspberry/Marzipan Tarts
And we will all pitch in with mini palmetto cheese (grilled cheese for Little K) sandwiches.
The big question is what kind of tea to serve? I love black teas while my Mom is more of an herbal girl. I took off to Teavana earlier this week and found the perfect tea with just the right blend of traditional tea flavor and fruity aromatic notes. It smells divine!

And I’ll have to think of what to serve Little K, since she does not care for tea at all. Hmm.

I can't wait to share pictures - especially of the craft I have planned for the tea party!
What are your mother-daughter traditions?

What traditions do you hope to have with your children?

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