Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heartbreak, Auditions, and Mid-Week Goal Check

First of all, the bad news:
WHEN (the third pregnant coworker) has miscarried. The baby’s heart stopped sometime over the past two weeks and she had her D&C on Tuesday. She was 11 weeks along. It’s a heartbreaking tale, especially given how uncomplicated all of her other pregnancies have been. I have heard more than one person comment that “at least she has three healthy boys” but that doesn’t make it better. She and her husband wanted this child as much as the first child. Prayers for her and their family are appreciated.
Audition News:
The choreography is done. Woo-hoo! It’s been interesting watching it evolve over the past few days but I think it’s finally smooth and natural. So exciting!
The rehearsal calendar was released and OMG. Rehearsal every weeknight at 7:30 PM and at 2:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Rehearsals seven days per week?? That seems extreme… R and I spent some time discussing the schedule and weighing our reaction to the decrease in together time. We’re still going to go for it, with the understanding that, if I don’t get a named role, I will respectfully decline the show. It may seem like a diva move, but it’s what works best for us and our relationship. We just aren’t willing to give up our two months of alone time for a part in the chorus.
The good news about the schedule, though, is that the rehearsals drop to one night per week by the time Little K comes home. WOOT! I love knowing that I won’t be missing out on too much time with my girl.
Mid-Week Goal Check:
I have to say, I’ve been kicking it so far! Yeah! Let’s take a look at the stats, shall we?
Little K’s homework: No homework this close to the end of school for Kindergartners. Yay!
Prepare at least four planned meals: I cooked on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and have dinner in the crockpot for tonight. I did it!
Prepare Lunches: So far, so good! I’ve been making lunches for two days at a time on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Tonight is the last one for the week!
One chore each evening: Monday – Sweeping, Tuesday – Glass Tables, Wednesday – Straighten family room. Planning on dusting tonight.
Run at least twice: Ran on Monday and Wednesday with plans to do it again on Friday.
Yay, dspence!! I’ve also managed to do my vocal warm-ups each morning and found an upper arm workout that I’m starting tonight to tone up the flab. Looks like M-W-F will be running and T-R-S will be arms/abs. Excellent!
I have to say, ya’ll, that I am surprising myself with all of this. I’ve also had a ton more energy and a generally more positive outlook. It may just be excitement for the show but I can see improvement in each of my problem areas (energy, eating habits, exercise).
Let’s keep it going!

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