Monday, May 21, 2012

Change, Progress, Vision, and Goals

My apologies for the silence over here. Our extended family received some big news last Monday that I hope to share with you all soon. As always – for honesty, I am thrilled for the family but got a little down for me. Blargh. I pulled out of it, though, with this wonderful discovery:
Auditions for a musical!
I was notified on Friday of the upcoming show. Auditions and rehearsals take place while Little K will be in Florida and the show runs the last week of August/first week of September. Perfect! I spent the weekend rehearsing my audition piece and running through choreography. Little K now has the first verse of “Take Me or Leave Me” memorized (whoops…) and R is becoming an excellent critic. Heh.
We actually had a very musical-ly weekend. Little K is obsessed with Tracy Turnblad and Cossette, so I downloaded both movies for her. She has been watching the 2007 remake of Hairspray and the 2010 Live Concert of Les Mis pretty constantly since Friday night. She even insists that we dance to “Hey, Momma!” and is working on her own choreography for “Good Morning, Baltimore!”
(I said it to R so many times yesterday and I will say it again – I love that my girl loves musicals! Now to find a local production of Les Mis so she can play Cossette and I can take up Fantine…)
R is fascinated by his performing wife! The last show I was in was way back in 2002, so this prep-audition-rehearsal-perform version of dspence is entirely new to him. I have asked him to offer criticism and notes and it turns out that he is very good at noticing the good/bad in a performance and offering suggestions for improvement. Who knew?! He may not be musically inclined but he gives excellent direction. Just goes to show that you don’t always have to be professionally trained to recognize a good performance!
And you know what? I wouldn't be able to even consider doing the show if I was pregnant or had a newborn. See? Progress!
It’s amazing how things snap into place when you have an objective. My objective: be cast in named role in a fun musical where most characters are rather scantily clad. In order to accomplish this I need to:
1                     Get back on vocal warm ups every week day (vocal strength, agility, and range)
2                     Continue to work my audition piece and choreography (comfort and fluidity)
3                     Start working out (breath support, rehearsal endurance, comfort in costume)
The plan is to start running each day after work as well as situps, pushups, and upper arm toning. If I get the part and depending on rehearsal time, I will either join a gym near the theater or just figure out a route to run near my office after work.
This also impacted my grocery shopping over the weekend. I had already completed a lot of research on healthy eating, trying to change my mindset from dieting to eating a healthy diet. I am now the proud owner of a pantry and fridge stocked with planned meals that emphasize fresh vegetables, high fiber, and lean protein.
I also used a helpful little checklist from a nutritionist I met two weeks ago to locate a sweet that fits the requirements she gave me: less than 200 calories, able to eat only a single serving at a time, giving fiber and protein, and giving 20% of any needed vitamin/mineral. It turns out that Ciao Bella’s Vanilla Frozen Greek Yogurt and Blood Orange sorbet fit the bill perfectly! A quarter cup of each together in my bowl satisfy my sweet craving perfectly.
And, if my lunches each day include two Mint Milano cookies, so be it. I can eat just the serving size and get that sweet/indulgent taste that I crave after a meal while the mint taste closes down my appetite for a few hours. Hey, it works for me! And keeps me from the vending machine in the afternoon.
So what are my goals this week? I have to say that it’s hard to focus on anything accept preparing for the audition. I do, however, want to stick with my original parameters: practical and attainable; focusing on health, parenting, or housekeeping. Here we go!
Continued from last week:
Complete half of Little K’s homework before Thursday.
Prepare at least four of the planned meals.
Prepare lunch each evening for following day.
One chore each evening: Glass tables, dusting, sweeping, laundry, or countertops.
Run at least twice this week.
Here's to a productive week!

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