Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaBloPoMo, Day 5: Eight Months

Little Buddy is eight months old today. How is that even possible?! As always, it feels like he's been with us forever AND that he just got here. The parenting paradox. :-)

Stats: No idea on his weight or length but we moved up to 9 months clothes last month and just started incorporating 12 month clothes because the pants were getting too short. Tall boy!

Sleep: not terrible, lol. We are still co-sleeping. At times I think about transitioning him to a separate sleep surface but, when I try, it always devolves into tears and I'm not willing to do CIO. The good news is that he is sleeping pretty soundly and I am managing to get about an hour each evening of him sleeping in the pack and play. We refuse to stress about it and know that everything changes.

Food: bah. He is most interested in eating solids in the evenings. He really likes hard boiled egg yolks, chicken, steak, green beans, and pot stickers. I'm not consistent in doing solids, though, and need to really work on that. Our evenings are really busy and he's just not interested in breakfast or lunch. Gotta figure this one out.

Movement: he is SOCLOSE to crawling! We keep expecting forward motion everyday but nothing yet. Soon!

Play: Little Buddy's favorite toy is his V-Tech Sit to Stand. A close second is the foam puzzle play mat, which he loves to pull apart and chew on the puzzle pieces. He really likes iPhone's when he manages to get his hands on them, lol. He's interested in pacifiers as chew toys but refuses to suck on them. Oh well!

Everything else: Breastfeeding and cloth diapering are going great! Woo!

Overall, Little Buddy is a really happy baby. He let's you know when he's bored, tired, or hungry but he really does enjoy being able to play independently. He likes being outside with Daddy or playing on his puzzle mat. He hates the church nursery unless one of us is in there with him. He is always happy to be worn in the Ergo or take a bath. And he loves to nurse in the evenings.Life is good!

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