Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day 16

Alright, over half way through! We've had a big weekend: Little Buddy cut one of his top teeth and has started crawling all over the downstairs. Definitely time to baby proof! #1: outlet covers like whoa.

We've also completed six nights of sleep training. It's getting better although by no means perfect. Night 1: 1 hour of crying. Night 2: 45 minutes of crying. Night 3: 5 minutes of crying. Night 4: 30 minutes of crying. Night 5: 45 minutes of crying. Night 6: 30 minutes of whining, 15 minutes of crying. BLAH. All of that crying for a max of 2 hours of sleep before getting back in our bed. Not awesome.

We're gonna stick with it, though, and learning more every night. For now, we've learned that Little Buddy prefers to sleep on his belly when in the pack n' play. Huh. I'm trying to get him attached to a lovey by holding it by his hands/face every time we nurse with the hope that the familiar smell/texture will help him feel more comfortable in the pack n play. So there's that.

I think you can tell by the rambling nature of this post that we're a bit sleep deprived. But eventually, everything will be fine and we will be getting awesome sleep. One day...

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