Monday, April 14, 2014

How does your garden grow?

We planted our vegetable garden yesterday! We are now the proud nurturers of six rows of veggies: two zucchini and one each of snow peas, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, and artichoke. Not holding out much hope on those last two but we decided to try since they are two of our favorite veggies. We used Miracle Grow Garden Mix for the rows this year and I will look forward to reporting if we see a difference in viability and/or yield.

The next big task is the flowers. I have two 5' planter boxes that get full sun, five containers that get part sun/part shade, and need two hanging baskets for full sun. The five containers usually go okay, a mix of begonias on the deck and mexican petunia in the yard. I think I have a large container in a shady enough spot for some impatients this year.

Our planter boxes have been tough the past few years, usually petering out by July. Same with the hanging baskets. We really only have the funds and time to plant those once a year and I can't seem to find anything with real staying power.

Right now I'm considering black or brown eyed susans and some coneflowers for the planter boxes. The one issue with that being height, since the boxes are 18" high already. That would be quite a wall of flowers! I really need something that can take the sun and heat since we stay in the high 90's in this part of NC.

For the hanging baskets, R wants to go back to wandering jew (the only thing that has survived before). Since that can be a little boring, maybe I could add mandevilla vine to the baskets for color.

Any thoughts or suggestions for the boxes or baskets?


  1. First of all, can't believe you're gardening so soon after giving birth! I was still a quivering mess six weeks out. BUT good for you! I just started a garden too. My first. I have no tips for you because I'm sure I'm going to kill all of my plants. I started with tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, and various herbs.

  2. I'm impressed at your ability to take care of a garden while you have a newborn ;) We bought veggies yesterday, just need to plan them :)

  3. I'm also kind of wondering if the black/brown eyed susans and coneflowers would be a little odd in the planters. We have tons of BESusans and they are definitely tall...I feel like they might look awkward in a planter or hanging basket? Plus, I love having them in the ground because they reproduce and spread like crazy. What started as probably 4 or 5 plants a few years ago is now huge clumps of them evvvvvverywhere (including trying to grow up in the grass and other inconvenient places!). I feel like you'd lose the handiness (and perennial-ness) of that if you had them in boxes! I usually have some salvia in pots or planters and those do pretty good...would probably do a little better if I had a tiny bit of shade to offer, but alas, I don't. Ha. Wandering jew is a great call, that stuff can survive anything. Marigolds can be boring, but they also have the ability to survive as much heat and drought as you can throw their way. Hmmmm...I'll be thinking on it some more!!

  4. I admire your green thumb! I have zero advice. My yard currently doesn't even have any grass in it, let alone veggies and flowers and all of that. (-: