Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to Me: Photo Dump

Yesterday was my birthday and we kept it super low-key. R got me a gift certificate to my favorite salon so I could get a cut. My last haircut was the day after our IUI, so it had been QUITE a while. Little K and I made a dairy-free birthday cake on Sunday afternoon that we finally cut after BSF last night. R and I took Aaron with us to lunch yesterday and he (Aaron) fussed the entire time in the restaurant. As we made our way back to the car, I told R: I remember now, this is birthday with a new baby. Heh. My parents did send me beautiful flowers, though, and I received lovely texts and phone calls all day.

I will post a real update later this week. Until then, everything is going really well. And here's a whole bunch of photos from the past two weeks.

Back Hair and Big Stretches

Sleeping Baby and Tiny Hands

Bowtie, Surprise!


Big Smile, Newborn Photo Preview

Pretty Birthday Flowers!


  1. Happy belated Birthday!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Awww...the napping picture is TOO cute!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday. What a sweet boy you have.

  4. Happy belated birthday my dear!!!! Hope you had a great one.

  5. Beautiful photos! happy Bday!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! He is beautiful!! I love the pic of them napping together. He has the biggest, most beautiful eyes!

  7. What a beautiful family!

    Happy Birthday!