Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tithing Update

After my post last week, God kept providing confirmation over and over that this is the right course.

Through Caroline's post.

Through the message at church: God Anoints Our Efforts and then He Makes Up the Shortfall. You don't have to have everything in order! Step out in faith -take the first step- and He will do the rest.

Through BSF:

When the Magi saw the Star, they searched for the Christ child - they worked with the little bit they knew of God and responded with worship. The Chief Priests in Jerusalem knew of the prophecy and even the place (Bethlehem was within 6 miles of Jerusalem) and did not care even enough to go look. Do you combine your knowledge -whether big or small- with action and worship?

When Joseph heard from God in his dreams (Matthew 1:18-24, Matthew 2:13-18, Matthew 2:19-23), he woke up and did what God had said. God spoke to Joseph in a way he could understand and Joseph responded with obedience. When have you heard from God and ignored His direction?

Through the BSF Notes:

The Magi brought gifts as a part of their worship of the Christ child. "In most churches, Christians present tithes and offerings to God. The offering is not a break in the worship service: it IS worship! All true worship expresses itself in giving." Do you worship God with your words, actions, AND treasures?

Wow. Wow, God, you have spoken to me in so many ways this week!

As I was talking everything out with my mom last night, I mentioned that I needed to sit down and figure out whether the tithe would come out of one paycheck or over the course of two paychecks per month. As I was saying this, I told her that I would love to see God provide the money for tithing and still be able to pay at least $200/month to the birth center.

God did more than that! I have enough for the full 10% tithe, to pay the birth center $200/month, and put $100 into savings each month. GOD IS SO GOOD! I can't wait to see what He will do next!

Edited to add:

OH! And we found out that our ultrasound on October 9th is covered at 100%! We also found out that, while Little K's tooth extraction on Monday will be rather expensive, I can just pay $75 that day and pay the rest in two weeks. When I called her father this morning about his 50% of the total cost, he did not balk at the amount and told me exactly how he would pay it and when. Thank you, Lord!


  1. That is awesome!! So much encouragement!! I love seeing God blessing our (weak attempts, often, for me!) attempts at faithfulness!! Yay!

  2. yes and amen! Love how God spoke to you - He is so good!

  3. Wow! God really is speaking to you. It's so great that you are listening for Him and hearing His voice! This is my 1st year doing BSF and I'm loving Matthew so far!