Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shower Thoughts: An Update

*This post is related to pregnancy. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass. Take care of you!*

Thank you for your responses and for reading my post in the spirit it was written! You ladies are just the best. :-)

I am so thankful to say that one of our neighbors told R that she would like to host a baby shower for us to thank us for all of the help we've given them since they moved in back in April. Thank you, Lord, for generosity!

Aside: Really, the majority of the help we've provided has been from R who helped them build their fence and helped them with some other landscaping projects. The Lord has given him a passion for working outdoors and a servant's heart. I am very blessed to have this guy in my life!

It will most likely be a small gathering (under 15 adults) but I am just so thankful to know that we will be able to celebrate this new child with friends. Speaking of, we plan on inviting the daughters of these women, too, so we will hopefully have a small group of 5-8 year olds running around keeping each other company (plus two teens and one infant). I think it will be adorable.

An especially fun part, for me, is that my parents and sister (with Baby M) are all planning on coming to NC for the shower. Since it's being planned for mid-January, we will also be doing my dad's birthday party (Jan 25) and an early first birthday party for Baby M (Feb 2) while everyone is here. Party Weekend 2014!

So, here's another set of questions for you just for fun:

What piece of baby gear do you think is a waste of money or space?
What piece of baby gear can you not survive without?
What piece of baby gear did you not purchase but wish you had?

I'll be honest: we didn't have the funds or space with Little K to purchase much in the way of gear. The one thing we received that we ended up not using was the pack and play. It was too bulky to set up in our apartment and my folks had a crib for when she was at their house. I did get her a kick gym and small footprint exersaucer which she totally loved! I wish I had gotten her a full size swing and a better quality diaper bag.

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  1. Brett slept in pack and play for first 4 months in our room. I use it to contain him duringbshowers now that he walks. Definitely get a nose frida! Loved my swing, bouncy seat and play mat.