Monday, September 30, 2013

17 Weeks, 3 Days: Belly Shot Warning, Hypnobabies and Maternity Clothes

This post is about pregnancy. If you're not in a good place, please feel free to pass. Take care of you!

Little K and Sora love to nap together!
Another quick update on all of the Friday drama: the bleeding has not returned, no cramping. Everything is back to normal. We are praying it stays that way. No more surprises!!

We have a seriously active little Smudge on our hands! S/he has been kicking up a storm the past week. I felt three big kicks on Tuesday night with lots of rolling around, little kicks and movement for about 15 minutes while I was working on Wednesday, more Wednesday night, and even more on Thursday. WOW! I love feeling this little one move around! Had some more reassuring movement on Friday, a quiet weekend, and then a bunch this morning. Love it!

Everyone (well, my BFF and my husband) is convinced this is a little boy. Too funny! Although that is not the point of the ultrasound on October 9th, I do hope that we are able to find out what kind of Smudge we have in there. Even though I have zero say in the matter and have been simply praying for confirmation of health, I keep managing to squeak in a little "But, God, it would be terribly convenient if it's a girl!" After all, we already have a surplus of adorable baby clothes from my little niece! Heh.

Other than the movement and bigger belly (and the Friday drama), I honestly don't even feel pregnant. My back has adjusted to the extra weight and I'm feeling good. My appetite is back to normal. My sense of smell is fine. I do wake up tired every morning but I'm rarely waking up at night to urinate anymore. We are still walking five days per week. I try to fit in a bike ride or something with Little K on the weekends to fit in a little extra. This coming week I'm working on getting the weights back into my routine on a regular basis. Need to build up that upper body strength for carrying the carseat!

I've given up on regular maternity pants and am living in leggings. I don't care what the haters say - leggings are pants! I just have to find more tops that cover my rapidly spreading bottom. There's no avoiding VPL in leggings. Oops.

On a similar note, if you have any Fall/Winter maternity shirts, size Medium, and feel you are done growing your family, I would be very interested in buying those. I'm specifically looking for some long sleeve t-shirts and tunics.

Little K is usually excited about the baby but each day she mentions at least one thing she doesn't want the baby to touch or do. "The baby can't pet Sora." "The baby can't read this book." "You can't hold the baby the same way you held me." *sigh* I'm rereading Siblings Without Rivalry and praying a bunch. I'm sure we'll figure this out. Eventually.


I'd like to do a little call to anyone who has done Hypnobabies. If you did Hypnobabies and still have the CD's and materials, would you be willing to part with them? If so, I would LOVE to buy them and put some money in your pocket to pay for diapers! Comment or email me if you're interested!


Okay, last chance to bolt before the belly shot! Here's Smudge in all his/her glory:

17 Weeks, 2 Days: Second babies want to be noticed right away!


  1. You look adorable!! So glad you've had no more scary symptoms and lots of good movement over the weekend. Stay strong, Smudge!!

  2. Love that sweet bump - how cute are you!!

  3. You look so great!! And I saw, embrace leggings. I adore them! I think, if I had been pregnant during fall or winter I would have lived in leggings, long sweaters and boots. I honestly think winter preggo outfits are better than summer.

    About your bleeding episode...sorry I missed the earlier posts (I just caught up), but I want to remind you of my horrific experience that was at first labeled a miscarriage due the mass amounts of blood, but from then on nothing at all has happened. Nothing. All is well. Mine happened around 19 weeks. So, take heart!! I'm going to go with the logic that you are fine and healthy! :)