Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final Count(down), Closure Pending

We are coming up on 30 months since R’s surgery and the appointment has finally (!!) been scheduled to receive his post-vasectomy count.


Because no one wants to blindside their husband with a (possible) unplanned pregnancy at age 46.

Or to swing between “please, oh please, oh please” and “no, please no, please no” without knowing if it’s even possible.

Or stare at one negative test and one inconclusive test, not having any idea which you want to believe.

Or to finally feel resolved and then have an inconclusive pregnancy test, leading you to run your household budget only to find out that, with your new car payment, there would literally be no way to afford daycare and still feed your family.

Not that any of this has happened to us this week...


The lab is scheduled for 10:00 AM Wednesday morning and we should have an answer within one hour.

I’m sure I will experience both sadness and relief if his count is zero. The one thing I can always count on is feeling conflicted about our family size. On paper, the decision to not expand our family makes perfect sense. In my heart, I still get warm fuzzies about growing our family (although such thoughts are few and far between these days).

But closure is just around the corner.


*BTW: We decided to believe the negative one until further notice.

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  1. I hope the results give you some closure. I can't relate to the specifics, but having definite answers always helps me move forward.