Tuesday, January 31, 2012

24 Hours and Counting

When I started this post, it was 11:00 AM - officially 24 hours until we have the count.
When I sit and try to listen to what my heart is saying, I don’t hear anything. I think that the silence is actually peace and the knowledge that what is done is done.
There is nothing I can do to change the count. If the doctor did his job correctly, it will be zero. After 30 months and zero conceptions, we have every reason to believe that the doctor did his job.
I hope that the quiet is acceptance and that my one response tomorrow will be relief.
23 hours and 42 minutes…


  1. Wishing you that tomorrow you will feel the relief you are hoping for!

  2. I hope that today's results allow you to move forward to whatever is in store for you. :)