Thursday, February 28, 2013


Since I’ve had to put of cycling this month and can’t seem to make myself ovulate, I have found myself needing to feel like I was doing something –ANYTHING– productive to prepare for a new member of our family.

So, I contacted our new insurance company to inquire about hospitals and cost for a vaginal delivery. Our coverage, while better than what we had through my old job, is not fantastic and we have a rather high deductible. Of the four hospitals near us, only one is less than our total deductible. Surprisingly, it is also the closest facility.

(I did have a preference for an independent birthing center but the only one in our area is an hour away and rather expensive. Also, R is really uncomfortable with the idea of me giving birth outside a hospital. Guess a home birth is out!)  

I called the birth center at the facility and spoke to one of the L&D nurses. She was able to answer my questions and provide a recommendation for a midwife practice that has delivery rights at the hospital. It is a very small facility and only delivery 30-35 babies per month. When Little K was born, that would have scared me. However, I had more confidence in my body’s abilities now and, since I’m hoping for a medication-free birth, I think the smaller center could be just right. The only downside is that they do not have tubs (or even a protocol) for water birth, which I really wanted to try.

If the DS cycle works, I’m going to tour the facility early so I can decide whether or not to hook up with the midwife practice.

Speaking of midwives, I did place a call with the practice and am expecting to hear back early next week. I’m not 100% sure of the difference between a certified midwife and an OB, except that the L&D nurse I spoke with recommended a midwife if I want to go natural. So, we’ll see.

Of course, my husband thinks it’s hilarious that I would want to delivery without an epidural. I’ll admit that it surprised me, too. What it comes down to, for me, is PPD.

My PPD was triggered with Little K by how long it took my milk to come in. We had an ugly 10 days, during which she became dehydrated and jaundiced, submitted to painful tests that only proved that she wasn’t getting any nourishment from me. Although my milk did eventually come in and we nursed for 13 months, those first few days were enough to send me into PPD that lasted until she was almost three months old. I feel that, if I were to deliver without the epidural, both the baby and my body will be able to lock down this nursing thing faster.

Also, this would be my last chance to deliver a child. I would like to at least TRY to go natural.

So, to begin preparing for THAT, I’ve been researching labor/pain management techniques and found one that I’m really interested in: Hypno.Babies. From all of the reading, birth stories, etc. that I’ve read, I think this would be my best shot. At the very least, I’m hoping that the techniques they teach would allow me to labor effectively at home for a longer period than I did with Little K. My thought is, if I can labor at home for a decent amount of time plus the 30 minute drive to the hospital, I have a better chance at being further dilated at admission which could give me the confidence I need in order to refuse the epidural. At least, that’s the plan. We’ll see.

I also subjected myself to online videos of un-medicated births. YOWZA. However, I found two videos of Hypno.Babies births and they were amazing! Mostly quiet, mostly calm. The mother seemed completely in control of herself, going through laboring and pushing with relative ease. Watching those has given me the confidence to stand up to certain naysayers (*cough*RandDad*cough*) and decide that I would at least order the materials to study. You know, IF we get that far.

I also really enjoyed their “Hypnosis and Christianity” section. The idea of incorporating scripture into a laboring technique is incredibly appealing to me, especially considering how special scripture has been to me regarding TTC over the past three years.

I keep thinking that this (having another child) could be the opportunity to let go of some regrets. Although cloth diapering isn’t wildly supported in my family, I would like to try it. Although unmedicated childbirth isn’t wildly supported, I would like to try it. Although extended nursing isn’t wildly supported… You get the picture. These are things I didn’t attempt with Little K that I now wish I had tried.

If you’re only going to do it once… Or, in my case, once more...


How do YOU pass the wait between cycles?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long Time, No Read

Funny how a week away from blogging can feel like a month, huh? I’m thinking that we’re facing bullets to catch up... This might be long.

TTC: I’m currently CD22 with no positive OPK. I switched to the First Response Digital Ovulation Kit this time and still nothing. I’ve never had a positive O-stick, actually, and that has me thinking. I’ve always had long cycles and am starting to wonder if I really am anovulatory, either some or most of the time. My temps are wild and only settle down a day or two before a shift, which is also strange.

All of this is on my mind of course because this is the last cycle (no, really!) before our DS cycle. We ran the new insurance at the clinic and, surprisingly, a few things really are covered! Although none of this is co-pay or anything, our consult is fairly reasonable and the ultrasounds are less than half of full price. Which is nice. Since IUI is not covered, we would still need to do the insemination(s) at home. Which causes some confusion in the billing office.

Technically, since we’re doing that at home, this is really a timed intercourse cycle. However, since we are using donor sperm -which is NOT covered by insurance- it could be considered IUI. Which means the billing office would need to enter the code for our consult and ultrasounds. Which would cause us to have to pay full price for all of the services. Which we can’t afford.


I’m sure all of this is not helping me ovulate this month. Since we’re only doing this once, I’m feeling a lot of pressure to make sure we are doing everything possible for success. I would hate to do everything else right and have my body fail by not actually ovulating. By doing the ultrasounds, I would have peace of mind knowing that there really is a well-developed follicle in there when we trigger. And that we’re not throwing $1400 of sperm at nothing.

Anyway, I have a call in to my coordinator to talk through everything and see if there’s a way we can bill it as timed intercourse without actually falsifying any documents. We’ll see. The consult is scheduled for Monday so we have until Friday of this week to figure everything out.

Weight: UGH. Don’t get me started. I totally suck right now. I ran a few times last week and then none this week. I lifted weights a couple times last week and then none this week. I ate okay a couple times this week and a little bit yesterday. BLAH. I haven’t gained any weight but I’m not losing either.

Having to delay by a month has really thrown me. I’m quiet. A little grumpy. Not motivated to eat right or exercise. Not motivated to even leave the house all that much. The only good thing I can say is that I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins.

And now I’m wondering if my lack of good food and exercise has caused my body to delay ovulation. Which is a slippery slope to self-hatred. Going to stop that now. I did, however, start taking my 5-HTP again and have been doing so daily for two weeks. I’ll need to stop once we hit CD1 again but, for now, it’s helping me get through the day better.

My Health: I’ve got to say this – my digestive track has been torn up for the past two weeks. YUCK. I drink about 8oz of water first thing in the morning and it leaves me nauseous for an hour. I’ve tried cutting back the intake, waiting until later in the day, room temp vs. cold… None of it works. The first thing to hit my stomach leaves me feeling gross. Trying to eat healthy the rest of the day is tough when you start out feeling so nasty!

The Job: I’m so grateful for a WAHM position! It’s hard to stay motivated when I’m not in an office environment but I’m working on it. I want my thankfulness for this opportunity to be evident in the work I do. It’s definitely an adjustment. I’m starting to get a few assignments, though, and that feels good.

R and I are having a pretty good time working from the house together. We have separate offices and just kind of do our own thing, slipping into the others' office every once in a while to chat. We do try to do one thing together every day (have lunch together, take a walk outside, grab a quick shower), which is nice.

Other Randomness: I am happy to say that R and I were social this weekend! Twice! Little K’s gymnastics held a Parent’s Night Out on Saturday and we hit a little wine bar with one married couple and one single parent from the gym. We had a total blast! These are folks that I’ve gotten to know over the past few months but it was R’s first time meeting them. He and the husband got along really well! Which thrills me; R doesn’t place a lot of value on outside friendships and so doesn’t have many guy friends. It was so great to see him hit it off with someone!

And then we had Hapa Hopes and her hubby over for a mini-Oscar party on Sunday. Check us out! Who knew that the spence house could do it twice in one weekend?! It’s always a little strange when two bloggers bring their husbands into the mix for a night, but I think everyone had a good time. It was really great to see Lisa again after almost a year! And to see her pregnant? YAY!!


That’s it for now. I’m trying to get back to posting and commenting more regularly. This delay has really bummed me out!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February ICLW

I was really looking forward to this month’s ICLW. We would be ordering our DS vials on day 1 of ICLW! We would be conducting our home inseminations on the last two days of ICLW! EXCITING!!!

But then I got laid off. Although I landed a new job within one week, my responsibilities at the new office require that I not be, you know, GIVING BIRTH mid-November.

Now everything is pushed back one cycle (5 weeks). *sigh*

So, instead of welcoming you with shouts of excitement about our sperm being shipped over from California, I am inviting you into our place of waiting.

You can learn all about me, R, and our TTC story here. And about R’s surprising change of heart here. I hope you choose to stick around!

In the mean time, what are you looking forward to most this Spring?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Belated Scripture Sunday: Commanded or Earned?

Carrien reminded me of a conversation R and I had about a month ago. We both ended up studying the lives of Abram (Abraham) and Sarai (Sarah) at the same time and I was struck by a question posed by his group leader:

Can respect of a wife for her husband be commanded or must it be earned?

Even more interesting was the response from the men in R's group: almost all said that a husband must earn the respect of his wife.

Feel free to click away now!

Now that people who are looking for a fight have left, let's get into it.

First off: we are assuming that the relationship we are discussing is free from any kind of abuse - emotional, physical... You name it. This is a marriage of two people who love each other and want to succeed in their relationship. K?

I'm here to say that I disagree with the guys' response above.

Ephesians 5:22 says this:

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.

Here, I see a clear command for wives to submit/respect/honor their husband. And it IS a command. There is no "respect him IF he treats you well" or "respect him IF you think he is doing a good job." No, it's a command to respect. Period.

Let's not ignore the command for husbands in Ephesians 5:25-27:

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

Another clear command: husbands must love (the verb) their wives. Not, "love your wife as long as she does what you want" and no "love your wife as long as she keeps her mouth shut." No, just love your wife.

Both of these commands are difficult, practically impossible without God's help. In order to respect your husband even when you think you know best, you have to trust God to work in your husband's heart and mind to enlighten him. In order for a husband to love his wife, he must trust God to give him insight into his wife's needs and what decision will be best for THE RELATIONSHIP AS A WHOLE rather than what is easy, or best, for him alone.

It isn't hard to see that this sort of arrangement works best in a marriage that includes two believers who are actively growing spiritually (spending time in the Word and with other believers who challenge them to learn/grow). Speaking from experience, I was not able to follow the command to respect my first husband and he was not able to follow the command to love me. I feel that this stemmed from my lack of commitment to God's command as well as my first husband's lack of commitment to an active spiritual life. This became especially clear when we divorced and he declared himself an athiest. I was not able to trust God to work in my husband's heart and to guide his actions because it was becoming more and more clear that pursuing God was not important to him. Going into marriage unevenly yoked: Recipe. For. Disaster.

Here is the entire Ephesians passage, for your viewing pleasure. Now that I have matured, both emotionally and spiritually, I find these verses very helpful because I understand that these directives are asking one spouse to provide exactly what the other needs.

What do I, personally as R's wife, need from my husband? To be loved. I need to feel that R wants what is best for me. That he both listens and understands. That he wants my input on decision making and takes that into account. That he wants to see me flourish and to be happy. That he is thinking about me and our family before he thinks about himself. And that he would "lay down his life," both physically (would die for) and emotionally (would give up what he personally desired in order to do what is right for our family), for me.

And what does R, personally as my husband, need from me? To be respected. He needs to know that I recognize that he is an adult and capable of leading our family. That I trust him with my life and our family's well being. He needs to know that I realize that I am not the center of the universe. He needs to know that I trust him to seek God's help in decision making. He needs to know that I will not become resentful as he leads and will not "gather ammunition" from decisions I disagree with to use against him later.

"But," you may be thinking, "he doesn't know what's best! I should be allowed to say that I disagree!"

And you're exactly right. Wives SHOULD be a part of the process. A husband SHOULD talk to his wife as a part of decision making. A wife SHOULD respectfully voice her disagreement. A husband should recognize that his wife has her own unique perspective and that her thoughts are valuable for: 1. gaining new insight into the topic and 2. understanding her desire in the outcome, which he should take into account when making a decision. (And a wife should understand that her husband has his own unique perspective, too, and that God may have revealed additional insights to him that she is not aware of.)

This whole thing hinges, though, on the wife's ability to remain respectful throughout the process and to accept that the final decision is just that - final. To trust that her husband has taken her (and the family's) needs into account, has sought the Lord's help, and has made a decision based on spiritual principles.

The biggest part of this for me, as a wife, is prayer. If I am to trust my husband to do his job (as outlined in Ephesians 5), then I need to trust that God will empower him to do it. And that means praying constantly for my husband to seek God's will, through prayer and study of scripture, and to hear His voice, by listening for the Holy Spirit and through a spiritual mentor (a male Christian who is further down the "spiritual road" than my husband).

Additionally, I need to pray for myself to trust God and to come into alignment with His will for our family. I need to pray for my own selfishness and/or pride, understanding that my husband will not make a decision to deliberately hurt me or our family, and that his decision is never an attack on me.

 I heard a great quote in BSF last Fall and have found myself coming back to it again and again:

"Do you believe that what God says is true? Do you believe that the Bible is God's Word? If so, then what the Bible says is true and you should take it seriously."

Back to the original question: Can respect of a wife for her husband be commanded or must it be earned?

I say that respect IS commanded. And that a wife should follow that command because it isn't her husband that has given it - it's God. And, as a Christian, I strive to follow God's commands.


Your comments, thoughts, insights, and personal stories are appreciated. I can't wait to hear your response!
 Rude or attacking comments will be deleted. Please, keep it respectful!

Monday, February 18, 2013


We received the information for our new insurance over the weekend and it *appears* that some infertility treatments are covered. If I'm reading this correctly, IVF and donor gametes are not covered, but IUI is. Which makes me wonder if we could do a monitored IUI cycle with co-pays and just pay cash for the DS. Yes? No? I've left a voicemail for my coordinator and hope to get a call back from the financial office soon.

Either way, I'm excited about our new insurance and can't wait for it to go into effect on March 1. Woo-hoo!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The View from Here

My office is in the bonus room, above the garage. It's large with an angeled roof line and a small window. It is filled with books, games, and crafts. And a space heater, since it's pretty darn cold this time of year.

I set this room up to be a combo play-craft-guest space when we moved in. We built two punae (Hawaiian platform beds) and set them up in an L-shape for seating and sleeping. The reproduction Eames chair that my grandmother purchased for my grandfather is in the corner with a tiered wicker stand for photo albums. Three red lacquer bookcases overflowing with what remains of my library, a good portion being sold or donated over the course of three moves.

Potted palms, interesting lamps, baskets of puzzles, and my little wooden desk on a red bamboo mat. A koa canoo paddle and a pair of plumeria prints in matching frames. A quilting circle with orange paisley fabric stretched across it on the wall. Photos of tropical foliage from the Honolulu Zoo Fence art fair. An afghan crocheted by my great-grandmother thrown over the chair. Appliqued lumbar pillows in funky patterns. A jute rug with oversize flowers. Little K's old play table, a princess tent, and an Ikea art easel.

This is the room I work out of now. With bright turquoise walls, shiny red bookcases, and dark stained wood, this room reminds me of my grandparents' home in Hawaii, my family's old living room in Florida, and my little two-bedroom rental: bright and cheerful and full of hope. A combination of "make the best of it" and "aren't we lucky to have this life," this room is the leftovers. Pieces that didn't make the cut in the other parts of the house by either being too bright or too modern. Pieces that jump out at me and make me smile because they represent life to me. Hawaii, heritage, family...

Beds to jump on when Little K's excited or to visit on with my BFF on an early morning. A place for Little K to create or just to play while I finish up work. A place to do my Bible study in the morning or curl up with a book in the middle of the day. And my sewing kit and crochet bag in the corner, reminding me of projects I want to finish.

I also look at this room and see the future. Plenty of open floor space to set up a cradle swing. Corners that can be revamped for play space and kick gyms. The big chair with an ottoman for nursing. Two twin beds perfect for napping...

This week has been a challenge. I am having to really find my groove, focusing on long-term work projects while learning a new system. And it is a struggle to eat well at home. But I am reminded daily how lucky I am. Getting Little K up and out the door each morning is so easy now! I've been able to get out and run twice this week! And I get to be around my guy every day!

I am struck all over again by how different life is than I expected. I am so humbled and grateful that the Lord had every day of my life mapped out before I was born. And that HIS plan is the one that will prevail.

Lord, Thank you for all of Your many blessings. Thank you that You are in ultimately in control. Help me to trust You and remain patient as I wait for You to move. You are so very good. Amen.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses are Red

Look familiar?

(Wow, got a little crazy-eye there. Yikes.)

My totally sweet guy went onto Etsy, WITHOUT looking at the blog, and picked out the exact same pullover I spotted almost three weeks ago.

Oh, no! We're starting to think alike!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TTC Tuesday

Sorry for freaking out yesterday. I'm feeling much better now.

I was able to call customer service on the insurance plan we wanted and they clarified a few things, the best being that maternity coverage kicks in right away!!! Basically, as long as I'm not pregnant when we complete the application, we are okay. So! That, combined with the work travel in November, means we will cycle March/April 2013. Woo-hoo!!!

As for work, it's going pretty well. I definintely have the skill set for this job, so it is just a matter of learning the new platforms. I am very pleased with the list of tasks they assigned me for the first week and feel that the learning curve should be brief.

I did take the time to share with the owner of the company our TTC plans. Granted, I didn't mention them during the interview process, but the topic came up rather naturally in conversation over the weekend and I didn't want to lie by ommission. The owner reassured me that they are a family-friendly company and appreciated our willingness to delay TTC so I could still travel in November. I reassured her in turn, letting her know that I do enjoy working and wasn't using the company as a crutch until we have a baby (not that she thought I would, I just felt it important to lay it all out). So all is well there.

Although I have kept up with taking myprenatal each night, in order to be completely transparent in this space, my eating has SUCKED since I was laid off. And I quit working out. Ugh. But! Last night I worked the weights for 20 minutes and practiced some of my basics from karate. It felt SO good to punch things! Just throwing a few and my arms were screaming: this is it! This feels so right!
I definitely need a punching bag.

I also knocked out 40 situps last night and ran when I got up this morning. Woot! Today's eating plan is:
  • ice water, greek yogurt
  • veggie burger, veggies with light ranch
  • fruit
  • garlic chicken, mashed "potatoes", salad
  • greek yogurt
In other news, all of the stress and poor eating has ripped my digestive track to shreds. Thank goodness I work from home now or else I would feel really awkward...

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things over here and get back on commenting daily. I really appreciate you ladies sticking with me the past two weeks!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Monday: Every Now and Then

I’m feeling very vulnerable right now. I think the enormity of the past two and a half weeks has hit me, as well as the complications ahead for our little family.

I started the new job on Friday of last week by traveling to VA for training. While the time itself was great and I feel well equipped for the job, I did learn about some responsibilities I will have in November that will require a good bit of travel out of state. I am currently on CD6 of what it supposed to be “the cycle” and would have an estimated due date of November 16th, three days after the major travel would end.

So, we’re looking at having to postpone the donor cycle by one month for work stuff.

Another complication is our health coverage. My job provided our health insurance, which ended in January. Luckily COB.RA will keep us from going without coverage. We have been looking at purchasing our own health insurance and found a plan in our budget that covers everything we need. However, their maternity coverage only kicks in after 300 days.

So, we’re looking at having to postpone the donor cycle by three months for insurance purposes.

Tax season is upon us and, due to SSA moving out, we are looking at filing our taxes with zero children to claim. My severance was going to pay off several debts and cover our cryobank costs. We are now looking at having to use that money to pay our taxes.

So, we’re looking at having to postpone the donor cycle by two months for financial reasons.

I feel so… emotions… right now. I was really looking forward to cycling this month, to finding some resolution one way or another. I was so full of hope! I really was expecting this to work for us. I was looking at d├ęcor and gear, thinking that it really was WHEN and not IF. I had a feeling that I would be pregnant before I turn 32 next month. That we could be announcing a pregnancy before summer. That we were going to find ourselves parents to another child before the end of the year.

But now I’m down. Faced with three months of waiting, putting birth in 2014, I’m less hopeful. R will be turning 49 in 2014. I’ll be turning 33. We’ll have been married for five years this December and I’d only be 6 months pregnant.

It feels so very far away. I’ve been waiting for so long and thought this month would bring it to an end! The thought of waiting even longer for all this stuff that is completely out of our control makes me feel so angry and despondent!

I’m also dealing with some ex stuff right now that is making everything so much harder than it needs to be. Having to be patient and kind, yet firm, is exhausting.

I am working on reminding myself of everything I know in my heart:

God is good. His plans are perfect and for our success, not failure. He is in control. He knows if/when we will conceive. He knows the perfect cycle and timing for conception. He knows our needs. He responds in ways that are beyond our understanding or imagination.

No matter how I am feeling, HE is good.

Lord, You are good and Your plans are perfect. Please help me now. Give me peace, patience, and strength in the waiting. Thank you that I can trust You in all situations. Help me to give You all of my worries, frustrations, and cares. I love you. Thank you that You see the big picture, You know what's coming. None of this surprises You! Help me to trust You. Amen.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday, Week 1

As we speak, I'm on my way to VA for training. Woo!

I'm taking part in Fashion Friday for the first time. Really, this is just an attempt to keep my mind off the current cycle.

In my previous position, we had a business formal dress code. My work wardrobe is very tailored, lots of heels; Calvin Klein is featured heavily. We had "casual day" once per quarter, which simply meant that you could wear jeans that day. Very strict.

I work from home now, so it's totally casual. Even my days on site for the new job are business casual, which doesn't even compute any more. I really value comfort in my casual wardrobe. My stomach has been very sensitive lately, so fitted is out and stretchy is in. The scarves bring in some much needed color near my face and cover the bloat.

In putting together these photos, I've noticed that most of my casual clothes come from Target. And that I definitely have a winter uniform. Oh well!

Criticism is certainly welcome. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

CD2: Tummy Trouble, Photo Bomb

I'm heading out tomorrow for two days of training for the new job and my stomach is torn up. Today is just going to be a couple photos. Hopefully I'll have something of substance once I get back from the trip!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CD1: Deep Breath

Today has turned into CD1. I think this is it - day one of the cycle that could bring a new child into our family. I'm nervous, excited, scared... All of the emotions.

I'll be reviewing the calendar and past cycles today. If all looks good, we'll be putting together the final plan this week.

We may actually do this.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TTC Tuesday

I mentioned in Monday's post that a work-from-home position was our big prayer as we decided to move forward with TTC. Since God has (amazingly!) given us this opportunity, TTC feels so... real.

R and I were talking last night after putting Little K to bed. On paper, the odds haven't changed. We still only have a 15% chance of success with a single DS cycle. But God has answered so many of our prayers (coming together on TTC, working from home, finances) that all of a sudden 15% feels HUGE!

I know that everyone expects treatment to work. Why else would you do it, right? But I really feel that this could work for us. Before, 85% looked in surmountable. Like this cycle working would be more than a long shot, just an opportunity to thrown away $1400. But now? That 85% pales in significance to this Great God we serve.

The God who has paved the way for TTC in our marriage! The God who has provided employment to meet our best-case scenario in an economy that is still recovering! The God who has given us a relationship with a fantastic clinic who is assisting us with a low-tech cycle free of charge!

Our God is so BIG! So much bigger than 85%.

Thank you, Lord, for providing infinitely more than we can ever ask or imagine. Please continue to prepare our hearts for the outcome of this cycle. You already know the result. And You know what is best. Thank you for hope. Thank you for Your provision. Thank you for the assurance of Your love. You are so good!

And extra cute little song for the beginning of the week. Our God is so BIG!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Monday: Ten Days Later

Starting out with this post, I have to admit that I’m not sure where it’s going.

I want to update you guys on what’s going on over here, as well as apologize for being uncommonly quiet on comments, etc. I guess I never realized how much I rely on being in front of my computer during lunch to get those comments in. I appreciate you guys sticking with me as I get this new schedule figured out.

Monday was online applications for just… hours. And calling in favors for interviews. Gah. Tuesday was interviews and having to swing by my former employer to turn in some paperwork. Wednesday was a fantastic phone interview. Thursday was a follow up interview from Tuesday and a job offer! Then Friday morning brought a SECOND offer from the Wednesday phone interview! I can’t believe it!

I ended up taking the second offer for the Wednesday phone interview. I start this coming Friday.

The new job is a remote position for a company in VA. I’ll be working on accreditation for medical education programs. The best part is that this new company works very closely with… wait for it… RC!! I am SO excited to be working with her again, even if it’s at a distance.

I ended up buying myself a congratulatory present: a Tassimo home brewing system! I’ve been wanting one for years and figured that, since I’ll be working from the house, I’ve have earned the privilege. Hello 35 calorie cappuccinos!

With the amazingly fast turnaround on employment, it looks like we’ll still be moving forward with the upcoming DS cycle. A big prayer for us over the past six months as we considered expanding our family was me to having a work from home job. Neither one of us expected that prayer to be answered in quite this way -with being laid off- but we are beyond thankful. God’s plans continue to be beyond our imagination!

We have seen the Lord work in unexpected, amazing, mind-blowing ways over the past ten days. I am SO thankful that He has this under His control. He is so much better at planning my life than I am!

My God is Greater, My God is Stronger, Lord, You are Higher than Any Other!