Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Long Time, No Blog

So, it's been a while. Just to get it out of the way: No, the diet didn't work out. I ate all of the carbs. They were delicious. Oh well.

Little Buddy turned One! The luau was amazing and a ton of fun. I meant to get all of the pictures and ended up with just a couple. But they are great :-) There was much reminiscing and balloons and food. Perfect!

Today, I turn 34. Ouch. It feels much older than 33. Too close to 35 which is too close to 40! With work, parenting, and leaving for vacation tomorrow, I haven't really had time to celebrate today. But there will be Mexican food and I've been promised Publix cupcakes when we get to Florida tomorrow.

And, yes, vacation tomorrow! Woo!!! Two weeks in Florida! I can't wait to spend time with my parents and my BFF. In addition to all the regular totally fun stuff we have planned, I also have one-on-one time planned with both of my parents. My mom and I will be doing a Bible study together while I'm in town and my dad will be teaching me to play guitar. I can't wait!! And my BFF and I are taking Little Buddy blueberry picking at his parents' farm. Yay!

We are still breastfeeding, although Little Buddy is slowly getting into solids. We are still cloth diapering full time. We are still baby wearing. We are still co-sleeping. I'm so proud of us for crossing the 1-year mark on all of these!

I'm struggling with my weight and body image issues right now but choosing to celebrate everything above. This first year with Little Buddy has been SO different from my first year with Little K. Our God is amazing! I never knew life could be this good, this blessed, this wonderful. Praise God!