Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Week and One Day

What a week it has been! We have been incredibly blessed with a very calm little boy who likes nothing more than to eat and sleep. Of the past eight nights, we have gotten five nights of decent sleep and one night of excellent sleep. The days are just a wash of nursing, napping, and sweet baby cuddles. And lots and lots of Netflix.

Napping Baby

Aaron and I basically live on the loveseat. The fireplace to our left and his swing to our right. Body pillow wrapped around me with the My Brest Friend pillow strapped to my waist. Nursing/napping baby on top. We've made our way through three seasons of Sherlock, Archer, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Best Food Ever, Mythbusters, and Survivor Man. In between are all of the diapers ever and so much laundry.

He pees on everything.

Aaron just adores his daddy. R has fallen back into the role of father so seamlessly and I love seeing it. He takes care of most of the daytime diaper changes and is the first to snatch Aaron away from me if his eyes are open. The two of them are so sweet together and it melts my heart! I knew that he was a wonderful father from his interactions with Little K - that has simply been reaffirmed over the past week.

My two guys.
Little K headed to Florida on Sunday morning with my parents, coming back in two more days. She is so sweet with Aaron and just loves her little brother. She always asks to hold him and is very confident with him. She loves to smooth his hair and kiss his head. She holds her nose when we change his diaper and strokes his forehead to help him stop crying. I'm praying that her love for him continues to grow as she realizes that babies aren't always so easy to soothe.

We mustache you: who's the cutest baby around?
This first week has been so healing for me. I remember the first week of Little K's life as hard, emotional, fragile. It was the week she became so dehydrated and kicked off my postpartum depression. We moved into my parents' house after just one night at home because I was so distraught. In contrast, this week with Aaron has been easy, joyful, and uplifting. He is healthy and strong. My milk came in on Sunday, the same day my folks headed back to Florida. My body is recovered from birth already. He is thriving and our home feels complete with him in it. We are so blessed!

One Week Old
God is so good!


  1. God is SO good. I'm glad that things are going so well. Congrats again!

  2. so happy for you! he is precious!!

  3. I am so happy things are going well for you. You look SO happy in the last photo :)

  4. Congrats on the birth of your precious little guy!!!!