Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not a Weigh-In or Wordless Wednesday

Because there are so many words right now, all of which feel boring and blah.
We are back to the sucky sickness over here. Little K picked up a nasty cold which mutated into something gross, which Momma has picked up. Then Little K’s allergies took a turn Sunday night, sending us into the land of no-sleep and doctor’s appointments. She is now on adult strength cough suppressants in order to give her body a break from all of the coughing and let her sleep, which is letting her heal. I just hate it when the little one is sick; not just for her, but for me, too, since I end up missing work. And sleep. And end up all stressed and crying.
The good news is that I still managed to make it over to BSF Monday night. While I was there, I mentioned in passing to a friend that Little K was home sick. It turns out that a woman in our group is a pediatrician! She came to me after the lecture and we spent 15 minutes discussing Little K’s symptoms and how to help her. She also gave us a referral to an asthma-allergy practice in town. I will be contacting the office today to discuss setting up an appointment the specialist.
All of that and I started my period on Monday, the big sickness day. I was excited, thinking that it was time to get on BCP’s for the final donor cycle. Instead, I received an email from my coordinator. I knew that the recipient spontaneously conceived back in December but had then miscarried in early January. She was given instructions to wait 60 days before cycling again. None of this was new information.
During that time, she and her partner decided that they are done TTC.
I’ve seen the heartbreak that rises up in the ALI community after any kind of loss. What I was not prepared for, though, is hearing that she decided not to cycle again; to leave the island, as Mel calls it. I am just so sad for the recipient and her husband. I hope that they find peace and healing.
With all of that said, I now have a small surplus of medications in my refrigerator. If you know of someone cycling in the NC area, please pass them my email address: donatinghopeblog(at)
I promise to shake the period and sickness funk and come back with some quality stuff later in the week:
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I hope you stick around.

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