Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back in the Stirrups Again

Just as I posted my previous entry, an email came in from my donor coordinator. I have been requested by a recipient, and my final (!!) donor cycle will begin the end of this year.

My wonderful sister and editor, becomingbrina, was online with me as I received the message. What a blessing it is to be able to immediately start processing my thoughts and feelings about this cycle!

I am always honored to be selected as a donor. Prayers for the recipient and the resulting embryos are already filling my heart. There is a part of me that is sad that this will be my final cycle; I have formed close relationships with the associates at my center and will miss my interactions with them. I will be losing my primary method of supporting Assisted Reproduction.

I won’t be sad to say goodbye to the hormones: as I articulated to becomingbrina, I am particularly baby-crazy during the injections.

I won’t be sad to say goodbye to hyper-stimulation, which seems to hit no matter how carefully I am monitored.

I certainly won’t be sad to say goodbye to the pain, bloating, and crippling constipation that linger for two weeks after retrieval.

But I am concerned about the timing of this cycle. It is tentatively scheduled to take place over Christmas, which is already a difficult time since Little K spends that holiday with her father. And I’ve been known to go baby-crazy during that month anyway.

So I am taking this opportunity to proactively coin my own phrase, “The Perfect Storm of Suck.”

Feel free to borrow that, as needed.

At least I’ll get to blog this cycle.

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