Monday, October 24, 2011

Awkward Introductions

How would you feel if you knew your egg donor wanted more children? Would you be afraid? Hurt? Would you choose another donor? Or would you offer her compassion and understanding?

This is my journal.

I am proud to be an anonymous egg donor. I love knowing that I have given six women hope; that I have contributed to six growing families. When I first read about the infertile community in 2005, I prayed about how I could help, and this has been an answer to my prayer.

I have another prayer that has not been answered, at least not the way I would like.

Two years ago, my husband and I agreed to his vasectomy. I continue to struggle with this decision: the hope and desire for another child haven’t gone away.

The women who have brought me into their reproductive cycle have turned to donor gametes because their desire for a child is so strong; throughout treatment, they cling to hope because their heart tells them that their family is not complete.

Maybe we’re more alike than I thought.

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