Thursday, October 23, 2014

Late Night Bullets

Today was full of highs and lows:

High- Little K set herself an alarm on her phone and woke up before I did. She went potty, came down stairs to wake me up, turned on the fireplace, and made herself breakfast? Who is this super responsible girl?

Low- Finding out RJR was hospitalized on Tuesday with pneumonia. Why did it take two days to notify us?

High- finishing a time-sensitive project for work. 

Low- being told that the fact that I spent my time on that project rather than the one due in December was not good. What?

High- being complimented by Sensei during karate tonight. 

Low- coming home from karate and finding out that my ex's wife is pregnant. 

High- finding out that RJR should be back to training on Friday. 

Low- going upstairs to tuck in Little K and seeing that she did not clean her room as she was told this afternoon. Gave her another 30 minutes to get it done and she played instead. Having to take away her phone at bedtime as a consequence. Her crying and insisting that she couldn't fall asleep without it. Me having to stay strong and walk away with her phone. 

High- come back to my room and Little Buddy is still asleep. 

Low- he woke up as soon as I laid back down. 

High- got to finish reading my book while nursing the baby to sleep. 

Low- it's almost 1:00 am and I'm still awake. 

High- I managed three blog posts this week. Nailed it!


  1. Can I hire Little K to come to my house in mornings? Sheesh!! I guess it'd be a little more work to build a fire in our wood-burning fireplace, but I'm sure she's up to it!! I am so sorry about RJR- I hope he is all healed up soon!!

  2. It's not easy to hear about our exes getting married/pregnant! It's so true that each day is filled with many good and not so good things.