Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eight Weeks, One Day

I can't believe my Little Buddy is eight weeks old! It feels like he has been with us for SO much longer!

I'm not sure what to say these days. I mean, everything is going really well! Sure, we are slightly sleep deprived (eight week sleep regression is just wrapping up). Little Buddy cries sometimes (hungry, dirty diaper, or tired). Breastfeeding is going great. We finally found a bottle he will take without complaint (thank you, ComoTomo!). Cloth diapering continues to be a huge success (I still have to recreate my masterpiece post on cloth diapering). I was introduced to an amazing sleep training website that has given me a lot of confidence (Troublesome Tots).

It's all so... normal. And, while exciting to us, I have to imagine rather boring to read.

We have a pediatrician appointment this coming Monday and I'll be able to do a more info-centric post then about growth and his first round of immunizations. For now, I have a little head of brown hair poking out over the top of the Moby carrier, asleep on my chest and working a paci.

I love being this guy's Mommy.


  1. What a great post! I'm really glad to read that all is going well in the land of motherhood.

  2. I'd much rather you have a wonderfully boring experience than something scary and dramatic!!! So glad you both are doing well!! :)

  3. So glad to hear things are going well with you :)

  4. so glad cloth diapering is going well! Can't believe he is two months already!

  5. So glad everything and everyone is doing well!